We are here to help every student.

Our mission is to bring neuroscience to education to help parents and teachers improve instruction. Our group has developed methods, tools, and techniques that improve student engagement, learning speed, and depth of memory. All children love to learn when conditions and demands are properly matched with their particular state of brain growth and development.

Who we are and what we do.

Knowing they were not alone, a group of parents recognized that public schools were not adequately meeting their children’s educational needs. They joined with a group of doctors, neuroscientists and educators from across the country to help parents take direct control of their children’s education.

Our team of Specialty Doctors, NeuroBehavioral Specialists, Behavioral Optometrists, and Board Certified Developmental Educators understand that all behavior is purposeful. We carefully study students' attention, physical behavior, and thinking strategies to identify where they're misaligned.

Utilizing the ICONIX learning system, we help students bring their most powerful processing and memory tools to achieve faster, more efficient, and deeper learning. Respecting the hierarchies of human development (crawling before walking, tactile exploration before visual dominance), we've created proprietary multi-modal and multi-sensory instructional programs (utilizing some of the same tools and techniques that our college and professional athlete clients use to strengthen their performance) to help fill in the gaps of developmental need.

We help:

- students/adults with Learning Disabilities

- students/adults struggling with Attention (ADD/ADHD)

- students/adults with Parvocellular Field/Ventral Stream Neglect (ASD/autism)

- Dyslexia


- Memory, Processing Speed

What Services We Offer

Struggling students DO NOT have strange brains, they are simply using their brain strangely. ICONIX

understands that all behavior is purposeful. We carefully study students' attention, physical behavior, and thinking strategies to identify where they're misaligned.

Respecting the hierarchies of human development, ICONIX has created multi-modal and multi-sensory instructional programs that help students (of all ages) tap into their most powerful processing and memory tools to achieve faster, more efficient, and deeper learning.

We teach the steps that will help students overcome their learning struggles so they can rebuild their confidence and enjoy learning again.

The two greatest challenges all teachers and home school parents face is lesson planning and student engagement. Time on task is key to student success. ICONIX weaves a special visually designed curriculum into clever engaging contests and challenges where students and teachers enjoy the learning experience together. Students love to play with their peers and even more so their teacher. Teachers join their students in the most successful learning behavior known to man - play.

Throughout the year, ICONIX offers training courses to parents and professionals. In the courses, we help participants learn and understand the techniques, tools, and science behind ICONIX's learning method, and discover how to overcome misalignments, developmental gaps, and inefficient habits.

Hear from a mom who had tried "all the things" before coming to ICONIX.


Why visual learning?

The human brain and mind are both dominated by visual function. The neural flow to and from one eye exceeds that of the rest of the body combined.

The eyes are the mobile part of the brain. Vision is the operating system of human consciousness. We perceive and think in pictures or images, and we store memories eidetically (photographically).

Vision is our “tool” of prediction. It is vision of the mind that separates us from all other creatures - we see through time and space and thus have the capacity to choose.

God made man in his image equipping us to see, predict and choose. With choice comes responsibility – culpability before God.

The purpose of language, no matter the form, is the transmittal of imagery. The essence of education is teaching students to convert incoming signals to imagery for understanding, prediction, memory, and action.

Poor understanding of vision’s central role in human consciousness, explains, at least in part, the chronic failure of our education system. We naturally use powerful visual thinking for everything but school. It is the central point of Dr. Gerald Getman’s book entitled “Smart in Everything but School."

ICONIX helps students apply naturally powerful photographic memory in the classroom - the central thesis of “Thinking Goes to School”, authored by our late colleague, Dr. Harry Wachs.

How does ICONIX help homeschooling families?

ICONIX will help parents begin homeschooling or help any existing homeschoolers improve instruction and engagement at parental direction. We stand ready to assist as much or as little as you deem appropriate. It is our mission to serve.

How much does it cost?

Any costs are dependent on what specific struggles and/or behaviors your child is having and what Doctors, Specialists, treatment(s), and instruction may be involved. Our mission is to try to help as many people as we can and work to find solutions if possible.

There is no cost to speak with a Specialist about your child's challenges and to learn more about what options may be available.

To get started click on this link to schedule a no-cost Discovery Session with one of our Specialists:



Many children have been “diagnosed” with less than precise “learning disabilities” that imply organic etiology. Recent advances in brain science have led to new understanding of learning, attention, and behavior problems. 

Vision so dominates both brain and mind that tiny differences in visual function result in major differences in learning and thinking. All children with learning problems need to be evaluated for subtle visual anomalies.

ICONIX doctors are available to provide all struggling students with appropriate assessment and prescriptive educational plans.

ICONIX is committed to helping all struggling students. Grateful parents have generously set aside funds, paying it forward, to help other children in need. ICONIX tithes 10% of its earnings to the pay-it-forward fund.

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